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Accueil / Myriam Bourhail: the best Moroccan to have succeeded her high school diploma of France with 21,3/20

Myriam Bourhail: the best Moroccan to have succeeded her high school diploma of France with 21,3/20

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There is living material under her beautiful hair. Myriam Bourhail is daughter of a Moroccan worker. She was pupil at the European secondary school of Villers-Cotterêts in Aisne and has just succeeded her high school exams in sciences with the impressive average mark of 21,03 over 20.

So by obtaining the best mark of the Picardie Academy, the French-Moroccan young girl of 18 years has automatically become the « best holder of the high school diploma of France of the year » according to the Ministry of Education.

She obtained 20 over 20 in Spanish, Physics, Mathematics and Biology, 15 in Sport, then 18 in History-Geography and 19 in philosophy. Her two optional subjects (Greek and European section) helped her to dope the final mark.

Even if in 2013, the record was held by a pupil of Evreux, Salima, with her average mark of 21,21 for her high school diploma, Myriam makes today the pride of her family and remains a model of integration.

« I did not imagine the results moving so high, it is beyond my expectations. I just said myself: do your best, then you will see« , declared the future student, recognized for her modesty. Always very humble, she neither imagine herself more endowed nor more hard-working than others.

« I am just a curious and I am into everything. And you know, it is always simpler to be good when we are interested ». The 18-year-old girl underlined the help of her teachers and her family, mainly her father, born in Morocco, worker and holder of high school diploma mathematics and Sciences of the nature.

« My parents has always urged us to produce the best of ourselves, they also directed us to the culture », declared Myriam.

The young person Picarde is delighted to have « quietly celebrated that in family, at her grandmother« .

Questioned about her future, Myriam hopes to major in medicine but will not forget a political career.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME