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Nastou: with Miss lolo, «ton pied mon pied» !

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The comedian actress of Ivory Coast who calls attention to herself by her sensual breast, Nafissatou Traoré alias Nastou, will perform in a series realized in France by the Togolese, Steven AF and entitled « Ton pied mon pied » which part of shootings is planned in Africa.

The series is available on YouTube.

The one that many people appreciated in the Ivory Coast series, « Ma Famille » and the « Guignols d’Abidjan« , is about « to move from the front to behind the camera ».

For the simple reason that the « Miss Lolo » is in the process of realizing her own series.

According to sources close to the technical staff, the theme concerns cohabitation and life in common courtyards.

It was at the age of 17 years old that Nastou entered into the world of cinema.

She is a member of the theater team of the « Guignols d’Abidjan » by the side of Gohou Michel and her friend Wabei.

She embodies the role of the first daughter of Michel Bohiri in the television series « Ma famille« .

What is impressive in her is her low-necked clothes, exhibiting so her big breast.

The comedian artist is also a singer. She has an album on the disc market.

In March 2004, Nastou won the « Miss Lolo » competition organized in Ivory Coast where the artist Meiway sang his title « Miss Lolo » in honor of women with big breast. What gave her the nickname Nastou « Miss Lolo ».

 Trailer for TON PIED MON PIED



Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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