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National reforms: Rwanda, a model

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According to the report of the Country Policy and Institutional Assesment (CPIA) of the World Bank, Rwanda is the African country the most involved in economic reforms during the year 2013. Over a total of 6, Kigali obtained a mark of 3,9. During this period, Rwanda substantially improved its public policy with the implementation of structural reforms in the field of the business.

Created in 1980, the report of the Country Policy and Institutional Assesment (CPIA) is dedicated to the study of the performance of the poor countries. It serves as basis for the determination of the loan allocated to the country beneficiaries of the help of the International Development Association (IDA). The IDA supports in Africa 39 poor countries with loans without taxes and donations.

Apart from Rwanda, Kenya also realized a good score contrary to the South Sudan that ends the ranking.

The report also reveals the very low access of the populations to financial services. Only the populations of 8 countries benefit from bank loans granted in Africa. The rate of the loans is generally above 10 %. Only Kenya realized international loans at rates varying between 6 and 7 %.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO