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Neo-Nigeria: taste the local Cappuccino

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Africa, main producer of the coffee does not process on the spot the big part of its production. Consequently, the by-products of this plant come back expensive to the African populations with a doubtful quality.

The Nigerian, Ngozi Dozie, faces the challenge by creating Neo, a structure that makes products out of coffee in Lagos (Nigéira). From now on, Africans who never go to the West can enjoy good Cappuccino or Slat.

« Our approach is to drink the coffee that we Africans, we produce, that is given to us as present, instead of exporting it and importing coffees of lower quality« , explained the promoter.

Ngozi Dozie and his brother Chijoke intend to conquer all Africa with their structure. For the moment, the market is still free but the competition could settle down with the arrival of the American giant Starbucks, the owner of 2000 coffees in the world (except in Sub-Saharan Africa).

The first customers of Neo are for the moment expatriates and Africans back from the West. « In one of Victoria Island’s big streets, the business district of Lagos, men in suit hurrying in front of the counter of the Neo coffee to order their cappuccino to take away. A trendy crowd thronged the comfortable sofas, holding their laptops, for « brain-stormer » by sipping slat coffee or cappuccino, on jazz background sound« , wrote the French site,


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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