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Nigeria: 6 billion dollars invested in the ICTS within 3 years

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The sector of the ICTS of Nigeria attracted more than 6 billion dollars in direct foreign investments during the last three years; it is what asserted Omobola Johnson (photo), the Minister for the ICTS in Nigeria during a ministerial meeting in Abuja. Information reported by Afriquinfos.

According to Mrs. Johnson quoted by the site, the telecommunications sector of Nigeria was among those which growth was the most satisfactory in the world.

She underlined that the improvement of the ICTS environment by the current administration allowed several local companies to innovate and add some value to the Nigerian economy.

The Nigerian Minister also revealed that the sector contributed at the level of 10,5 % to the GDP of the nation, that is approximately 50 billion dollars, over a total of 509 billion dollars.

Concerning the National Strategy of Broadband which aims at increasing the penetration of the broadband from 6 % at present to 30 % in 2018, Johnson declared that the government made a commitment to assure coverage of the mobile broadband at 80 % of the population and supply a fixed broadband via optical fiber at 16 % of the population before 2018.

According to her, this measure could allow creating 35 000 jobs for the young Nigerian entrepreneurs in the domain of ICTS.

The Minister ended by announcing that the federal government set up a Technological Innovation Found for 16.2 million dollars that aims at developing the industry of the venture capital in Nigeria that joins the needs of start-ups and Nigerian entrepreneurs.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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