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Tizi: a new cross-roads for entrepreneurship and innovations launched in Togo

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There is no more doubt that on-line media are the future of the press. The increase of news portals on the continent shows the necessity of bringing the news to readers where they are the most available: the Internet. Press companies would however not survive without a real economic model.

That is the reason why the JTDEV association (Youth Technology Development through Ecohub, start-up and SME incubator) has placed its meeting « Tizi » of 30th May under the theme « Model business and digital innovation« . The example of the Togoportail site was presented to young entrepreneurs and project leaders taking part in the meeting.

Rewarded « the best on-line media of Togo » in 2012, belongs to the few news sites based in Togo and equipped with a real successful business model. Its general manager Tiem revealed some secrets of its success during « Tizi » of 30th May 2015.

« If there is no audience, the advertisers cannot request you. Hardworking is compulsory in order to intensify your communication services, offer quality services in communication and news, publish exclusivities to make you desired, be always at work with scoops to create ceaselessly increasing of Internet users and public traffic towards your interface Web site … », declared the manager of the site created in 2009.

TIZI is at the crossroads of entrepreneurship, innovation and Information and communication technologies. It constitutes a framework that can give the opportunity to some projects to be implemented thanks to networking and exchanges; sharings of experiences and acquisition of new knowledge.

Organized every last Saturday of the month, the meeting offers a variety of activities: « Mini-Conference-Testimonies by entrepreneurs-Workshop, workshops and networking cocktail).

The next meeting is for 27th June with the theme: « Business development and innovation. »


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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