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Ololufe: tantalizing kiss between Flavour and Chindimma

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At 24 years old, the singer, Chindimma appears among the most appreciated artists in Nigeria and whose popularity rating is still rising.

Young, beautiful, talented, she gathers crowds during her shows everywhere she presents and her fees cost millions of FCFA.

With several strings to her bow: Nigerian singer, composer, interpreter, painter and actress, Chindimma Ekile is one of the female artists having emerged at the Naija Music dominated by the male sex.

She won many prizes and made tours in several countries through Africa, as Benin, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Togo, Kenya, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Niger or Ghana.

After the lightning success of « Oh Baby« , a hit deriving from the collaboration with Flavour, another great name of the Nigerian music, Chindimma repeats the exploit with a new collaboration with her same fellow countryman in « Ololufe« .

The song arouses deep controversies on the social networks as in the video, both mega song stars appear as a man and his wife in wedding dress and living an amazing idyll by kissing themselves languorously.

Some people consider that both artists are in the « big love« , others think the opposite by supporting that Flavour recently posted the photo of his wife and his child on Instagram, meaning an impossible love relation between him and the charming Chindimma.

While awaiting the version of the « beloved« , kindly appreciate the video by yourselves.



Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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