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Original: the new clip of Fally Ipupa is making buzz

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Original, the last title of the Congolese artist Fally Ipupa that is in full swing, will inflame night clubs of African capitals this summer. The clip of the song has been making success on social networks since a few days already.

The former idol of Quarter Latin is back with his attractive choreographies. In the video, we can notice the crowd gathered around the artist during his shows in African capitals. It is for sure what makes « Original » the Congolese nominated in the category of Best Live Act for the next MTV Awards.

Fally Ipupa was born in Kinshasa on 14th December 1977. He has been lulled by music since his youngest age. He began to sing in the choir of his Church. In his adolescence, the young Congolese tried a musical career in various small groups in Kinshasa, in the middle of 1990s. He was a member of the Quartier Latin International group from 1999 to 2006 before trying his luck in solo.

He is also known for the duets he realized with Koffi Olomidé in Effrakata in 2001. The Congolese people nicknamed him ‘Dicaprio’ of the song for his beauty or ‘marvel’ for his talent.

In 2006 he realized his first solo album Droit Chemin produced by David Monsoh of Obouo Music. He obtained a golden disk for more than 100 000 copies sold.

He quickly got known on international level also particularly in France where he won Césaire of music for the male artist of the year in Paris. He was appointed the Best Soukous entertainer at IRAMWA Awards in the United States and the Best artist of Central Africa at Kora Music awards as well.

Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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