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Papa Wemba: «Blessure», to pay tribute to King Kester Emeneya.

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Papa Wemba lors d'un concert à la Halle de la Gombe, septembre 2010. KING-KESTER_LeRetour

The death of the Congolese artist King Kester Emeneya (of his real name Jean-Baptiste Emeneya Mubiala) on February, 13th 2014 in Paris, is still arousing reactions in African musical universe. Papa Wemba, one of mentors of the dead artist brought out a few days ago, « Blessure » (wound) a song to pay tribute to the man that he qualified of « one of the generals of Molokaï. » The boss of Viva La Musica group in which King Kester Emeneya made his first steps, always keeps a good memory of the latter.

« When Kester Emeneya came, he changed the data. He changed some data in Viva La Musica’s directory. I sincerely say it, he brought something of himself », indicated Papa Wemba in an interview granted to Radio Okapi after the death of the artist.

Other international famous artists such as Reddy Amisi preceded Papa Wemba by bringing out exclusive songs to honor the memory of the famous missing person.

Born on November, 23rd 1956 in Kikwit, he started his musical career at 17 years old with the musical group «Les Anges noirs» (Black Angels). After obtaining his high school diploma, he studies political and administrative sciences before joining Viva La Musica group in 1977. On December 24th, 1982, he created Victoria Eleison and became 8 years later the most popular African artist of the years 1980-1990.

Miléna(1977,Viva La Musica)
Kaba Zonga(1978,Viva La Musica)
Ndako Ya Ndélé(1978,Viva La Musica)
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Ata Nkalé(1979,Viva La Musica)
Dikando(1980,Viva La Musica)
La Runda(1980,Viva La Musica)
Dembela,Ngonda(1980,Viva La Musica)
Mishueni,Fleur d’été,Horoscope(1981,Viva La Musica)
Naya (1982)
Ngabelo (1982)
Okosi ngai Mfumu (1982)
Surmenage (1983)
Kimpiatu (1985)
Willo mondo (1985)
Wabelo (1986)
Ambenzo (1987)
Manhattan (1987)
Nzinzi (1988)
Dikando Remix (1991)
Polo Kina (1992)
Every Body (1993)
Live in Japan (1994)
Every Body (Remix) (1995)
Pas de contact (1996)
Succès Fous (1997)
Mboka Mboka (1998)
Never Again Plus jamais (1999)
Longue Histoire (Volume 1 & 2) (2000)
Live au Zénith de Paris (2001)
Live à l’Olympia (Bruno COQUATRIX) de Paris (2002)
Rendre à César … … ce qui est à César.
Nouvel ordre (2002)
Skol (2006)
Le Jour Le Plus Long(2007)
This is me (2014)

The Best of King Kester Emeneya (Volume 1&2) (Clips) (2006)


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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