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PIA 2015: two Madagascan project leaders taking part

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Project leaders participating in the Innovation Prize for Africa (IPA 2015) can continue sending their application until 31st October 2014 at 11:59 pm GMT by visiting the site

It is the content of a communiqué published by African Innovation Foundation (FAI).

Communiqué relayed on Tuesday, 7th October in Madagascar which two citizens project leaders are now taking part in this competition.

As reminder, they are a total of 12 Madagascan innovators who submitted their file. But only two appear among the 25 shortlisted.

We should note that during its first three years, IPA received more than 2 000 innovators’ applications coming from 48 African countries.

The first prize for 100 000 USD will be awarded to the best innovation.

The second prize for 25 000 USD will be awarded to the candidate whose innovation will have the best commercial and economic potential, whereas a special prize is offered to the candidate whose innovation will show the best potential of social impact.

« The objective of this IPA is to encourage African innovators to concretize ideas and creative techniques in order to face some of challenges on the continent and support the sustainable development. Innovations are appreciated according to their originality, commercial potential, large-scale development, social impact and scientific and technical aspects« , specified the promoters.

The priority domains for IPA 2015 are agriculture and agro-industry, environment, energy and water, health and well-being, ICTS, manufacturing industry and services.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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