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Innovation Prizes for Africa 2014: the 10 finalists listed!

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African Foundation Innovation published on Thursday, April 10th, the list of 10 finalists in competition for the prestigious  Innovation Prize for Africa (IPA). The best ten inventions chosen over 700 presented will substantially improve lifestyle of Africans. From cooking including ICTS and medicine, everything is made up to facilitate everyday life of Africans. The award ceremony of the big final will take place on 5th May in Abuja, Nigeria.

The first prize (100.000 USD) will come to the innovation succeeded in allying to marketable quality, originality, evolution capacities, social impact and visible commercial potential. Both last ones (25000 USD) will respectively reward commercial potential and social impact.

Ashley Uys (South Africa) – The device OculusID Impairment Screening is conceived to measure pupil reaction to light. This reaction can be then estimated according to predetermined references. The latter are used to measure drug addiction, physiological problems and even fatigue. The device allows a process much less invasive than the existing methods.

Daniel Gitau Thairu (Kenya)Domestic Waste Biogas System is a new biogas digesteur type that uses any material capable of decomposing, instead of animal excrement, to produce gas. These materials include waste water, food leftovers, damaged cereal and, vegetables and fruits peelings. Consequently, the biogas is usable by families that cannot allow to have animals.

Elise Rasel Cloete (South Africa)GMP Traceability Management Software CC: this software is scheduled to capture in real time, keep and follow data related to cattle. They are then connected to atrial label placed on the animal and protected on the system / remote server.

Joshua Okello (Uganda)WinSenga: this innovation is a low-cost kit of prenatal diagnosis by mobile phone which records cardiac beating sounds of the foetus and gives a diagnosis which is sent by SMS to the mother. The data can be sent and kept in cloud storage.

Logou Minsob (Togo)Foufoumix: this device is conceived to replace mortar and pestles used to pound foufou, a popular dish in West Africa. The « FOUFOUMIX » is a small culinary robot which allows producing foufou in a discreet, fast and hygienic condition in 8 minutes. This considerably reduces time required for the preparation of this dish while improving sanitary conditions of production.

Dr Nicolaas Duneas (South Africa)Altis Osteogenic Bone Matrix (Altis OBM ™): Altis OBM is the first injectable bone substitute to the world which contains a complex mixture of various compound of bone growth coming from pigs. It is used to stimulate tissues regeneration of the host in a way which allows fracture consolidation or a bone filling by a similar process to that of a fracture consolidation without assistance.

Mom Abdou Kane (Niger)Horticultural tele irrigation system is a technological process which allows producers to control at a distance away the irrigation system of their truck-farmings by means of a fix phone or a mobile phone and no matter their geographical position.

Melesse Temesgen (Ethiopia)Aybar BBM is an agricultural device which can be used to plough lands which are usually saturated of water and to facilitate their drying out. By means of this innovation, these unusable lands become cultivable.

Sulaiman Bolarinde Famro (Nigeria)Farmking Mobile Multi-crop Processor: This innovation uses centrifugal forces for manioc, sweet potato, soya, shea nuts, grains and cereals processing. It allows separating tubers from liquids, particles and impurities or toxic elements. The extractor is conceived to replace the current technology of raw fermentation and pressing for which efficiency and the profitability are limited, which shows an extremely slow process and which generates an important wasting. Thanks to this extractor, this process, the duration of which is generally from 3 to 4 days, is done in 5 minutes while offering a product of better quality.

Viness Pillay (South Africa)WaferMatTM is a pediatric formula of tasty ARV treatment that is in the form of a wafer which dissolves in mouth in 3 seconds. The wafer facilitates administration of medicine to children and improves its absorption efficiency.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO


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