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Accueil / Promoting manioc in Congo: FAO investing 160 million FCFA

Promoting manioc in Congo: FAO investing 160 million FCFA

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One hundred and sixty (160) million FCFA is the financial envelope that the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) is going to put at the disposal of Congo for the realization of the project entitled « support to the promotion of the manioc sector« .

The information is revealed in a communiqué published on Thursday in Brazzaville by Mr. Dieudonné Koguiyagda, the representative of the FAO in Congo.

The project is within the framework of the program of technical cooperation between this institution and Congo.

« It is in answer to the government of Congo that the FAO, in conformance with its program of technical cooperation, supported the project entitled: support for the promotion of the manioc sector through the project farms-school-farmers for a period of 24 months« , supported Mr. Koguiyagda.

The document underlined that the implementation of this project in four districts of Congo (Plateaux, Bouenza, basin and pool) will serve as basis for the results of the whole country.

Basic food in Congo, manioc is used by about 90 % of the Congolese population.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME