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Promotion of excellence: 30 Ivory Coast pupils on profitable holidays in Benin

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After a successful hard working year, entertainment time has now come for about 30 children of Ivory Coast Treasury agents.


In order to encourage them for their excellent school results of the academic year 2013-2014, these children have benefited since Monday from study holidays in Benin.


This summer camp for these 30 Ivory Coast children will last three weeks. The stay in Beninese land will be full of tourism aiming at discovering the treasure of this country as well as various games and general knowledge competition.


« It is because you worked hard during the last school year that your parents offer you this summer camp. So, continue in the hard working« , said the Treasury general Payer, Abdoul Kader Cissé.


« You are leaving for Benin, a sister country, you will be there as ambassadors of Ivory Coast, you should have a good behaviour and respect all the orders from your leaders« , he recommended to the children.


On the eve of their departure for Cotonou, the Mutual insurance company for the Agents of the General Treasury Payment (MAPGT), chaired by Jean Claude Ekponoua, offered to the colonists and to their parents a festive evening in order to strengthen the links between the agents and the members of this financial institution.




Original text by: Blaise AKAME


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