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Rai d’Oujda Festival: the highest rate of audience after Mawazine

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Festivals have been succeeding since January 2014 in Morocco, the land of King Mohamed VI. Opened last 8th August, the 8th International Festival of Rai d’Oujda might have come to an end on Saturday.

Thus, during more than one week, a public of great days really enjoyed entertainment by high-level artists. Among others: Abdou Dariassa, Cheikha Rabia, Kader Japonais, Zehouania, Cheb Abdelmoula, Hamid Bouchnak, Chico and Gypsies, Douzi, Faudel, La Fouine, Saad Lamjarad and Bilal.

Entertainment evenings with local humorists, Babylone and Mustapha Bilahodoud without forgetting Rai Academy, a competition that has for objective to enrich and to encourage artistic creativity of this musical genre.

This festival came into being thanks to the will and the mobilization of its organizers, its  sponsors and especially the general public who always accompanied it to launch, to position it and to establish its fame at the end of its 8 years of creation.

During its last editions, the International Festival of the Rai d’Oujda got a great success with more than 500 000 spectators, a top-grade artistic set with the cooperation of numerous national and international artists.

Promoters considered that this meeting holds the highest rate of audience of the festivals in Morocco behind Mawazine.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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