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Sakharov Prize: the USA congratulating Dr. Denis Mukwege

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Africa Top Success was reporting that the works of the Congolese, Dr. Denis Mukwege were rewarded on 21st October 2014 by the European parliament. The prize-winner of prestigious Sakharov Prize 2014 also received the congratulation messages from the United States of America.

The commitment of Dr. Denis Mukwege to restore life to women victims of violence in war period does not leave the United States of America indifferent. For Jen Psaki, spokesman of the American State Department, « health agents worldwide as Dr. Mukwege are essential partners in the support of survivors from sexual violence, whose majority are women and girls. Their care constitutes the basis for restoring and cure, and also restores the dignity that survivors need to ask for justice. »

In the name of the USA, Jen Psaki congratulates « defenders of human rights working on front lines, among whom Dr. Mukwege and thousands of others, for their indestructible commitment to build societies where voice, dignity and human rights of all are respected« .

Dr. Denis Mukwege has since 1999 founder of the hospital and Foundation of Panzi that « repairs » life of women victims of sexual violence.

In Africa where these topics are taboo, Denis Mukwege is concidered as a messiah. For several decades, he has been fighting against this weapon of war of which the international community seldom talks about, but which morally and physically affects the victims.

« Chemical, biological, nuclear weapons have long-term effects. Rape is similar! People apparently stay alive but in reality, families, villages, societies are destroyed over generations« , declared Denis Mukwege.

Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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