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Senegal: Sidy Gaye launching «Clinique média»

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The Senegalese journalist, Sidy Gaye has just launched the first « Clinique média« .

Far from considering it as a care center designed for professionals of communication, the structure is rather intended to give adequate answers to the problems met by promoters and operators of African press, private individuals, companies and press organizations.

According to the promoter, the idea is to supply to his clientele, a dozen of basic services in all business sectors of the print, audiovisual and multimedia media.

« This clinic is conceived as a center of expertise and strategic guidance at the same time as a platform of editorial incubation« , explained Sidy Gaye.

The structure concerns established groups or under project in Senegal as well as in West Africa or elsewhere there is need an African interest.

In conformance with the strategic guidance that has for target structures and existing organs of press, the initiator and his editorial, technical, financial and administrative expert staff, propose a support in several troublesome domains.

The support will thus consist in a « development of contents, innovation, expansion and coaching in editorial leadership, competitive positioning, editorial or administrative reorganization, audit and financial engineering« .

Its initiator added that the structure is at present the youngest of initiatives by African Millenium Communication (AMiC), company created in 2005 by the Senegalese journalist who has assigned the mission of concretely contributing to the perfection of the liberalization processes of the African media by the effective respect for pluralism, accessibility and diversity.

Sidy Gaye, founding member of the Sud Communication group, has among his realizations during these last ten years, the launching of OIG (2007), the first Monitoring center for intergovernmental integration processes in Africa.

He also operates in invention, technical and financial study for « Global Penc« , a national program for accelerated electrification and connectivity of 313 rural communities of Senegal backed by the Senegalese Agency of rural electrification (ASER, April 2011-2013) for the Senegalese State.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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