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SICA 2014: Homage to the Beninese artist, Gnonnas Pedro

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Sica has become over time a major cultural meeting on the African continent. « The African Stars for Cultural Integration » (SICA) Festival will be at its 10th edition from 17th to 30th November 2014 in Cotonou (Benin). Sixteen (16) African and European countries confirmed their participation in the event that promotes African cultural wealth.

In front of the press on Friday, Alli Wassi, the promoter of SICA reaffirmed his objective to reach the African and foreign cultural melting pot. « Our dream is nothing other than healthy Africa without fear, without clashes and without rancor. We look for African cultural integration to be a real development challenge and the European and African peoples mixing to come true by means of art, music, dance and cultural tourism« , he indicated.

For the moment, Ivory Coast, Mali, Togo, Niger, Nigeria, Madagascar, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Tunisia, Morocco, South Africa, Ethiopia, Seychelles, Holland, Belgium confirmed their participation in the event placed under the theme « Commitment and duties of artist in the dynamics of education of peoples« .

The steering committee will seize the opportunity to pay tribute to the famous Beninese artist (author, composer, singer, instrumentalist, arranger), Gnonnas Pedro died on 12th August 2004. Crazy about Salsa, he was also member of several groups as « Africando » or Poly Rythmo.

Discography of Gnonnas Pedro


•             Dadjes: La bande de l’Afrique (1975)

•             Gnonnas Pedro (Disco Stock, 1979)

•             El Cochechivo (Ledoux, 1981)

•             Agbadja (Syllart, 1999)

•             Irma koi (Syllart, 1999)

•             Best of Gnonnas Pedro (2003)

With Africando

•             Gombo Salsa (Afrique STCD1071 de Stern, 1996)

•             Baloba (Afrique STCD1082 de Stern, 1998)

•             Mandali (Afrique STCD1092 de Stern, 2000) on the account of Africando All Stars. Released in France Betece

•             Live! (Sono CDS8907, double CD, 2001) Sold out

•             Martina (Afrique STCD1096 de Stern, 2003)

•             Ketukuba (Afrique STCD1103 de Stern, 2006) Released after his death.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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