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Sierra Leone: radio program for pupils at home

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The ministry of education in Sierra Leone is going to begin the door-to-door follow-up of urgency teaching program in two week courses further to its launching.

The program that allows offering classes by radio and television to pupils was introduced by the government because of the prolonged closure of schools due to Ebola epidemic.

This program did not however get favorable opinions because populations found it as an initiative that favors only a selective minority of the population to the detriment of the poor majority that cannot afford expenses related to the acquisition of radio sets.

More than one million pupils of primary and secondary school are targeted by this program.

Brima Michael Turay, public relations manager at the Ministry of Education, indicated on Wednesday that the process of follow-up and evaluation that is going to start soon is going to determine the efficiency of this program.

The program will be implemented by teachers throughout the country. They will register pupils participating in this program and those who have a radio.

Turay also announced the project by the government to distribute solar radios to disadvantaged pupils.

Original text by: Blaise AKAME