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Accueil / « Snow in Sahel »: Its third edition soon!

« Snow in Sahel »: Its third edition soon!

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It is not the kind of event to be missed as it is henceforth included in the cultural habit of Chadian after two successful editions.

It is about « Neige au Sahel » (Snow in Sahel) festival which third edition will be held from the coming 30th October to 2nd November in N’Djamena, Chad.

Introduced by the Chadian musician, Mawndoé, « Neige au Sahel » remains an opportunity of cultural exchanges between the North and the South through concerts, creation sessions, writing workshops, round tables, radio and TV programs, etc.

According to the organizers, an outfit of artists from the sub-region is invited to take part in this hot show.

BONCANA MAÏGA (Mali), AWADI (Senegal), BERNARD and ALFRED (Burundi) KAMALDINE (Guinea), SMOKEY (Burkina Faso), KROTAL (Cameroon), MAWNDOE (Chad), MOUNIRA MITCHALA (Chad), CIDSON (Chad), DAR SILA (Chad), SOUM Bill, KAJEEM and NASH (Ivory Coast) are namely artists thus expected at this edition.

This festival also aims at promoting excellence and professionalization of music business.

« The biggest of the challenges is the holding of this event in a context of world fears between diseases and barbarism. Without weapon and without tear, let us dare the dream, let us dare the beauty« , indicated the founder.

« Neige au Sahel » is also my challenge: challenge to face, with few means, a great moment in Chad; a moment when cheerfulness, beauty and pride are expected« .

Far from years of war and of speeches of hatred, a new Chad is possible according to the singer Mawndoé.

« Chadians have to reinvent themselves. It is the message carried in this festival« , added the ex-member of the group, Yeleen.

The festival is patronized by the president of Republic of Chad, Idriss Deby Itno.

Original text by: Blaise AKAME