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Stromae: expected in Kinshasa on 13th June

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stromaeAfter Dakar and Abidjan, the Belgian star of Rwandan origin, Stromae will land in Congo on 13thJune within the framework of his African tour started some month ago. The artist knows that he is going to meet a public crazy about him.

Stromae is famous in Black Africa since the release of his title « Formidable » which revealed him in the tropics. His particular style and original video clips make of him a mythical artist in Africa.

After DR Congo, the Belgian star will be in togetherness with his brothers and sisters of Rwanda, his fatherland.

« I am nobody; I am not Stromae but just the little Paul in search of his dad, just a son who wants to resume the dialog with his late father. It is up to me. I am neither a symbol nor a standard bearer. If I say all this, it is also by respect for the million of victims« , the artist nevertheless declared.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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