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Sub-Saharan Africa: meeting with growth in 2014

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Sub-Saharan Africa will get 5,2 % growth in 2014. It is what Africa’s Pulse of the World Bank published on 7th April. In 2013, the growth of this region of Africa was estimated at 4,7 %. This jump is due to household consumption, to investment in infrastructures and in natural resources.

Political stability and security restoring in zones of conflict also explain the strong growth rate which will be recorded this year. In spite of this good rating of sub-Saharan Africa, Africa’s Pulses report indicated that the continent did not succeeded exploiting services sector as other regions of the world.

« New services as software development, call centers and subcontracting of administrative services to companies can be henceforth exchanged as high value-added manufactured goods », indicated the World Bank. Sub-Saharan Africa so has to strengthen its ICT sector. Several young entrepreneurs investment in the sector; however, there is long way ahead.

Africa’s Pulses report also warned Sub-Saharan Africa of volatility of raw materials price which could compromise its growth. « The fall in prices of copper and iron ore could affect producing countries of metals », indicated the report which also pointed out the strong dependence of Africa towards China. « Chinese market represented near a quarter (23,3%) of 145 billion dollars of goods exported by Africa towards Brics in 2012 », specified the report.

Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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