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Africa: 10 labels Africans mainly prefer

The monthly magazine, African Business Review published the top 10 African labels the most appreciated on the continent: bank, finance, telecoms, energy, trade; there are so many business sectors. The selected companies operate in various business sectors. Without indicating either the operating mode or the criteria of the ranking, seven …

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The edition 2014 of Kora Awards will no more take place on 14th December as announced. The steering committee of the prestigious evening that rewards the best artists of the continent expresses its solidarity towards the countries affected by the Ebola virus disease (Sierra-Léone, Cape Verde, Guinea). In a communiqué …

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Tunisia: waste against high-speed Internet

Launched for the first time on 29th June 2014, the project « Keep Our Beaches Clean » of the telephony company Tunisie Télécom is at its second phase. The initiative aims at cleaning up the beaches of the country in a participative way. Swimmers are thus invited to collect kilos of waste …

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Kobe Bryant: from basket to business!

The star of basketball, Kobe Bryant is following the footsteps of his elders, Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan regarding their prosperity in business after the end of their career. Decided not to sign of advertising contracts any more, the basketball player decided to take part in the energy drink made …

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Africa Progress Panel: The report 2014 awaited on Thursday!

The report 2014 of « Africa Progress Panel » will be published on Thursday in Abuja (Nigeria) during the world economic Forum on Africa. The green and blue revolutions will be evoked in this document which analyzes every year the progress registered on Africa. Eminent personalities who compose the panel of APP …

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