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Anes Tina: the Algerian king of Podcast! His call for the president Abdelaziz Bouteflika!

[youtube][/youtube]On the web, Anes Tina, 24 years old, is a real phenomenon. He is presented as king of videos. He has a Master’s degree in management; he passes messages to young people who talk about politics and education, always funnily. His last thunder crashing was addressed to Algerian president Abdelaziz …

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Lindiwe Mazibuko: the thirty-year-old woman who dreams of becoming President of South Africa!

In 2015 or in 2019, she dreams of becoming President of South Africa. Vigorous woman and full of conviction, Lindiwe Mazibuko does not hide her ambition. Her rise is judged lightning. In 2009, Lindiwe Mazibuko was elected Member of Parliament for Democratic Alliance (DA) political party in Durban, the largest …

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Amara Konneh: African minister of finance of 2013!

According to the famous financial magazine, the African minister of finance of the year 2013 was the Liberian Amara Konneh. The magazine appreciated « his leadership in the maintaining of economic stability and growth in Liberia”. We can read: « this prize represents the vote of confidence on behalf of markets.” Thus, …

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Catherine Samba-Panza: A woman at the head of the power in Central African Republic!

A woman at the head of the Central African Republic! Catherine Samba-Panza has become the new interim president in a very tense context. Catherine Samba-Panza was the mayor of Bangui, the capital town of the Central African Republic. She was elected at the second round by the National Transitional Council. …

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Anas Sefrioui: a self-thaught Moroccan, the king of the real estate development!

Anas Sefrioui was born on May 16th, 1957 in Fez. This Moroccan businessman is the chairman of a real estate Group promotion, Addoha Douja Promotion. His fortune was estimated about 1, 6 billion dollars in 2012 by Forbes magazine. An exceptional performance for this self-taught person. He stopped his studies …

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Khadija Ryadi: tireless activist for human rights honored by the United Nations

She is a tireless advocate for human rights. And for all her actions, the Moroccan tenacious militant, Khadija Ryadi was honored by the United Nations on December 10, for her commendable fight. She could not hide her emotion after being bestowed the award in New York. [youtube][/youtube] “Receiving the 2013 …

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