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Taekwondo: The Senegalese Bineta Diédhiou crowned champion of Africa

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The president of Senegal Macky Sall should be proud of his ambassador. The young athlete Bineta Diédhiou won last Wednesday, 7th May in Tunis (Tunisia), the golden medal during Africa championship of Taekwon in the category of least than 57 kg. This new distinction brought to four the number of Africa champion titles collected by Senegal.


In June 2013, Bineta Diédhiou was crowned world champion of Francophony in Vietnam. President Macky Sall is fascinated in front of her impressive prize list.


« This career path illustrates with eloquence, determination, fighting and sacrifice spirits that allowed you to obtain this valuable result a few months after your brilliant success during the world cup of Francophony in Vietnam », indicated the president who make himself available to accompany Binéta in her professional career.


« I reaffirm you all my availability to support and accompany your efforts (…) That is why I am happy and proud to express my gratitude and the one of the government to you », continued Macky Sall.


Bineta Diédhiou was granted in March an Olympic scholarship which allowed her to make a seven month preparation training course in Boston (USA). The athlete is henceforth dreaming of an Olympic medal.




Original text by: Roger ADZAFO


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