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Senegal: TV programs at 90% African soon

Doing so that « the African culture represents 90 % of the contents of the TV programs broadcasted by the Senegalese channels« , it is henceforth the objective set by the Senegalese Minister of Culture and Communication, Mbagnick Ndiaye. Regretting the profusion of serials in the cultural programs of the channels of …

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Tunisia: all crazy about the theater in Bizerte!

Theater will be in the spotlight from 25th to 28th December on the occasion of the « Crazy about the theater festival » which opening is planned on the Christmas day with a theater performance « Parole d’Hugo« . During this period, the crazy about the theater will thus cross the governorate of Bizerte. …

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FESPACO: Michel Ouédraogo gives up his seat to Ardiouma Soma

After five last years at the head of the Pan-African Cinema Festival of Ouagadougou, Michel Ouédraogo hands over to Ardiouma Soma who was just nappointed, Director General of the FESPACO. The decision is contained in the report of the Council of Ministers held on Wednesday in Dédougou, about 300 km …

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Ebola: cancellation of the 9th Black Divinities Festival

The Ebola virus disease continues tormenting African cultural promoters. The disease that rages in three West African countries (Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea), obliges the steering committee for the 9th of Black Divinities Festival to cancel the event planned in Togo. Before this new decision, the 12th International Trade Fair of …

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FITMO: theater and puppets in Burkina, Mali, Niger and Togo

Four countries of the sub-region will successively welcome the 14th edition of Theater and Puppets International Festival of Ouagadougou (FITMO) around the « problem of artistic training and socio-professional insertion of artists in Africa« . According to sources close to the organization, the event will be held from 10th October to 5th …

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Culture: Togo celebrating its ambassadors

The years 2014 will have dedicated the return of Togo on the international scene. The youth of this small country of West Africa has become famous in several domains. From culture to technology, the Togolese won about ten international prizes during the year 2014. The Togolese Minister of Culture received …

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Burkina Faso: Amadou Balaké, the former membre of Africando passed on

He promised to stop music this year. Well, he definitively stopped it. We hint at Amadou Balaké, this great man of the culture of Burkina Faso and Africa who died last Wednesday, 27th August 2014. Disease took him aw. The musician died at the Notre-Dame de la Paix Clinic in …

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