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Recherche Conseil Médias Livres Zoom Blog Xi Jinping, Kim Jong-un, Poutine, Trudeau, Erdogan… : comment jouer avec Trump au « jeu de la poule mouillée » ?

Pas facile ! Le « jeu de la poule mouillée » est celui où un joueur en défie un autre, pour savoir jusqu’où il pourra tenir. Donald Trump menace ainsi de quitter l’Alena, l’accord commercial qui lie les États-Unis au Mexique et au Canada (Nafta en anglais), sous prétexte que …

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Dr Edoh Kossi Amenounve veut « des nouveaux talents pour l’Afrique financière de demain »

Un nouveau poste pour Dr Edoh Kossi AMENOUNVE. Le Directeur Général de la BRVM a été désigné Président de l’AfricaFinLab. Une désignation qui est intervenue à l’issue de la conférence de lancement de ce Laboratoire de la Finance Africaine. Il aura une lourde tache, celle d’aider la structure à mener …

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Société Générale: Now official in Togo!

Announced in Togo since July 2014, the French bank, Société Générale, officialized on 10th June, the real starting up of its activities in this country of West Africa. The new financial institution intends to serve, at first, the needs of legal entities (multinationals, institutional, State companies, local and regional large companies …

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FIFAS: An African Forum dedicated to Finance!

In Africa, SMEs/SMIs have difficulty in finding financing to propel their activities. The bancarisation rate is derisory and banks are more and more reluctant to grant credit to private individuals. As for the financial system, there is no mechanism of viable financing. All these factors are a severe blow mattering …

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Liberia: Overthrow of Ebola

Good news for the Liberians. The World Health Organization (WHO) will officially announce the eradication of the Ebola virus disease in Liberia on 9th May 2015. According to BBC that released the news, this declaration will be only possible if no new case of the virus is detected so far. …

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Ghana: first destination for investors

In spite of the lack of energy problems met in Ghana this year, the country continues to seduce investors. According to the study « Africa: a closer look at value » realized by the audit and consulting firm, PwC, Ghana tops 15 countries that attract investors. The study revealed that the English-speaking …

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Boubacar N’diaye: among the builders of the African economy

If the African economic growth should reach 5,0 % in 2015 compared with 4,7 % last year as predicted it by the UNO World Economic Situation and Prospects 2014, it is thanks to the tenacity of entrepreneurs, businessmen, business managers, companies and African economic and financial institutions, but also the …

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Africa: E-commerce greatly increasing on the continent

The e-commerce is « greatly increasing » on the African continent and could, by 10 years, constitute 10 % of retail sales of the biggest African economies, says the « Global e-commerce Logistics 2015 study. « The advent of the e-commerce revolutionizes the local logistic practices and the physical distribution networks« , notes the study …

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Malawi: stimulate growth with mobile payments

Malawi made a mattering step forwards towards the creation of a digital payment ecosystem to fight against poverty and stimulate the including growth. An event organized by the government of Malawi in cooperation with the initiatives « Better Than Cash Alliance » and « mobile Money for the poor » of the United Nations …

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Africa: Mobile Banking will weigh about 900 billion FCFA within 4 years

According to a study published by the strategy consulting international cabinet, BCG (Boston Consulting Group), while the Africans will use their mobiles to pay their invoices or send money to their close relations, the Mobile Banking prosperous market could reach a value of 1.5 billion dollar within 4 years. The …

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Finance: BMCE Bank becomes BMCE Bank of Africa in May

The Moroccan Bank for Foreign Trade (BMCE Bank) realized a net profit of 1,94 billion Moroccan dirham (195 million dollars) in 2014 or 58 % increase with regard to 2013. The group that continues its expansion on the African market intends to change name. On 23rd March 2015 during the …

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