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Transport: ECAir continues extending its network

ECAir, Equatorial Congo Airlines continues the extension of its network. After Libreville (early February), the national airline company of the Republic of Congo has just opened the Brazzaville-Dakar line via Bamako (end March). The flights towards Bamako and Dakar are operated with Boeing 757-200 for a capacity of 148 seats …

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Benin: 13 towns welcoming the 9th tales evenings

« When an old man dies in Africa, it is a whole library that burns« . This sentence from the writer Amadou Hampâté Bâ, fully summarizes the dominating place of oral communication in the African cultures. In order to immortalize the tradition, Benin is hosting from 14th August 2014, the 9th edition …

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Nappys de babi: the appreciation of African identity

A new concept is getting ready to take possession of African continent. More and more African women are proudly raising their natural and frizzy hair. The hair curling, wigs and weaving which were in fashionable for several decades tend to lose ground. All started from social networks with the creation …

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Senegal: Experts announced the writing of the history of the country.

« No one is allowed to destroy a page of the history of people because people without history, it is a world without soul », said Alain Foka. The majority of colonized African countries inherited their histories drafted by colonists. Senegal wants to distance itself by launching the ambitious project of rewriting …

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