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Cameroon: starting the Dangote cement works soon

Dangote Cement Cameroon, the Cameroonian subsidiary of the Dangote Industries group will start its activities in this January 2015. After several aborted launching, the cement works just acquired raw materials necessary for the starting up of its activities. According to the APA agency, it is essentially about clinker, gypsum, as …

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Africa: 10 labels Africans mainly prefer

The monthly magazine, African Business Review published the top 10 African labels the most appreciated on the continent: bank, finance, telecoms, energy, trade; there are so many business sectors. The selected companies operate in various business sectors. Without indicating either the operating mode or the criteria of the ranking, seven …

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Chad: Toumaï smartphone on the market soon

Some people already nickname him the Chadian « Steve Jobs« , and nevertheless, Sigui Pouidankreo is only at his beginnings. The CEO of Toumai Chad Hanana is committed to put « Toumaï » smartphone on the Chadian market in February, 2015. The man who explores the four corners of the world has started a …

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Nigeria: Dubaï in the empire of Dangote

Investment Corp of Dubai is diversifying its investments and becomes allied to the Nigerian giant, Dangote Cement. The United Arab Emirates fund announced its participation in the biggest cement company of Africa at the level of 300 million dollars. According to the Ecofin agency, this participation represents only 1,3 % …

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Burkina Faso: 60 billion FCFA to operate gold

A shot in the arm to the Karma gold-bearing project managed in the North of Burkina Faso by the Canadian mining company, TrueGold. It has just obtained a 120 million dollar financing that is approximately 60 billion FCFA. The financing was received from Sandstorn Gold (25 %) and Franco Nevada …

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Angola: On-the-spot processing of diamonds soon

Angola, one of the biggest diamond producers of the world, will launch at the end of September, the operation of polishing of its diamonds. The information was give on Thursday in Luanda by the Chairman of the National Diamond Company (Endiama) Meeting Board, António Carlos Sumbula. The polishing of diamonds …

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Beninese Quality Prize: FAMASEP prize-winner

The NGO Manufacturing of alcoholates and soap out of extracts of plants and mineral substances (FAMASEP) met a quality management.   In its operations, it also put forward a rigorous approach set up by communication, anticipation, costs and stakes control, motivation, and development of a system centered on the satisfaction …

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