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Togo : ce qu’il faut faire pour l’épanouissement des femmes en milieu rural

Comment faire pour favoriser l’épanouissement des femmes en milieu rural? Cette préoccupation retient les attentions dans la capitale togolaise. A en croire le ministre togolais en charge de l’Agriculture, la transformation des produits peut être un secours important. Après de l’ouverture des travaux de la 19éme conférence annuelle du système …

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Togo : soja, karité, anacarde, des filières porteuses selon la Banque Mondiale

Plusieurs filières agricoles sont porteuses au Togo selon la Banque Mondiale. A en croire une récente étude, l’ananas, l’apiculture et le karité font partie des 9 filères qui peuvent permettre au pays de progresser et offrir de l’emploi aux jeunes. C’est l’étude intitulée « identification de filières à fort potentiel de …

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DRC: food self-sufficiency underway

Launched in July 2014, the agro-industrial park building project in Bukanga Lonzo bears fruit. The president of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Joseph Kabila proceeded on Thursday, 5th March 2015 to the harvest ceremony of the first corn crops. A total of 5000 hectares are concerned by this first phase …

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Agriculture: Togo registers a record of surplus

The Togolese will not be lacking food in 2015. Last year, the country registered food surplus. According to Togolese Minister for Agriculture, Ouro-Koura Agadazi, 156.000 tons of cereal, 745.000 tons of tubers and 136.000 tons of vegetables constitute the reserve of the country. A part of this surplus will be …

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54th independence anniversary of Togo: «a respectable promising country»

Togo acceded to international sovereignty on 27th April 1960. The former French colony with for first president Sylvanus Olympio, had for the first time just saw its very new flag floating. This new page that was opened in the history of this small country of West Africa made dream many …

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Léna Sène: Making Africa Attractive to big investors.

The news hits the headlines of Senegalese press. Léna Sène, the campaign director of Idrissa Seck during the presidential election 2012, put an end to her political career. In an interview granted to Senegalese newspaper Quotidien, she decided to dedicate herself to her family and her professional activities. Léna Sène, …

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Farmers’ National Day 2014: Burkina Faso honors its producers.

The 17th farmers’ national day is luxuriously getting ready by public authorities of Burkina Faso. This event planned from 10th to 12th April 2014 coincides with the year of agriculture decreed by the African Union. For this year, the meeting is placed under the theme: « Win food-processing challenge in order …

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«Cocoa ‘na Chocolate» : 19 African artists sing agriculture

The African Union declared 2014, the year of agriculture. Several non-governmental organizations are leading various actions to incite decision-makers to invest in the sector. The NGO « ONE » succeeded in mobilizing about twenty African artists who sang for the cause. « Cocoa ‘ na Chocolate » is the title of the song that …

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