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Kolani: operated with success!

Suffering from a rare congenital malformation (meningoencephalocele), the little Togolese boy, Natalma Kolani of 6 months old, was successfully operated Tuesday by neurosurgeons at the Haunersche Kinderklinik clinic in Munich, Germany. The news is revealed by Dr. Michel Kodom, founder and chairman of Aimes Afrique NGO that recently launched a …

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Nat Kolani: another Charlie Hebdo?

Dr. Kodom Michel, CEO and founder of the Aimes-Afrique NGO, has just called for solidarity in favor of the little Natalma Kolani (photo), a baby born last July in Dapaong (North of Togo) currently taken care by the NGO. According to the doctor, Natalma Kolani is suffering from a serious …

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Aimes-Afrique: the NGO carries hospital towards populations.

The NGO « Doctors’ International Association for Education and Health promotion in Africa » (AIMES-Afrique), is committed « to carry hospital towards populations. »It is what explains this new trip of the NGO to deep Togo. Dr Michel Kodom chairman of Aimes-Afrique and his team have been staying since 6th April in the prefecture …

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