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Société Générale: Now official in Togo!

Announced in Togo since July 2014, the French bank, Société Générale, officialized on 10th June, the real starting up of its activities in this country of West Africa. The new financial institution intends to serve, at first, the needs of legal entities (multinationals, institutional, State companies, local and regional large companies …

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Africa: Mobile Banking will weigh about 900 billion FCFA within 4 years

According to a study published by the strategy consulting international cabinet, BCG (Boston Consulting Group), while the Africans will use their mobiles to pay their invoices or send money to their close relations, the Mobile Banking prosperous market could reach a value of 1.5 billion dollar within 4 years. The …

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Finance: BMCE Bank becomes BMCE Bank of Africa in May

The Moroccan Bank for Foreign Trade (BMCE Bank) realized a net profit of 1,94 billion Moroccan dirham (195 million dollars) in 2014 or 58 % increase with regard to 2013. The group that continues its expansion on the African market intends to change name. On 23rd March 2015 during the …

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