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Togo: the youth, architect of their own destiny

In front of the saturation of the market of employment, entrepreneurship remains nowadays an effective solution for the problems of underemployment and unemployment mainly in Africa. Conscious of the situation, the Togolese government multiplies initiatives to bring the youth to take its fate in its own hand. It is in …

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Gabon: 4G finally a reality!

Africa Top Success reported it that digital economy occupies an important place in « Emergent Gabon » project for the Gabonese president, Ali Bongo. Since 10th October, Gabon has operated a small revolution by becoming the first country of Central Africa moving to 4G thanks to the telephony operator, Gabon Telecom. Since …

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Togo: a 3rd mobile phone operator soon

« The third mobile phone operator will come to settle down in Togo », indicated on Friday the Minister of the post offices and the digital economy, Cina Lawson.   Mrs Lawson clarified that « the competitive bidding in order to grant a license to the third mobile phone operator in Togo with …

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