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UEMOA: Faure Gnassingbé evoked 20 years of integration in Ouaga

The president of Republic of Togo, Faure Gnassingbé paid on 12th May, a visit of a few hours to his neighbor of Burkina Faso, Blaise Compaoré. Both Heads of State tackled questions related to integration of the sub-region and the strengthening of bilateral relations between both peoples.   For Blaise …

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Sub-Saharan Africa: meeting with growth in 2014

Sub-Saharan Africa will get 5,2 % growth in 2014. It is what Africa’s Pulse of the World Bank published on 7th April. In 2013, the growth of this region of Africa was estimated at 4,7 %. This jump is due to household consumption, to investment in infrastructures and in natural …

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Now official: Nigeria is the first African economic power.

Africa Top Success announced it. It is now official. Nigeria is the first economic power of Africa. The country of Goodluck Jonathan has just outclassed South Africa after the change calculation of its GDP. The Gross domestic product of Nigeria is estimated at 510 billion dollars against 384 billion for …

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