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«Fattéliku»: new album of Youssou Ndour full of memories

The Minister-adviser of Senegalese president Macky Sall never misses the opportunity to value the genius that slumbers in him. After he had brought out a  song peace in Central Republic of Africa, Youssou Ndour just launched on 4th April, historic date of Senegal « Fattéliku » (Memory in English), an album of …

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Employment of the Youth: PROVONAT, Togolese solution that works.

Victoire TOMEGAH-DOGBE, Minister of Basic Development, Craft industry, Youth and Employment of the Youth. 750 new national volunteers took oath last Thursday, 3rd April  in Lomé within the context of the program of National Voluntary service Promotion in Togo (PROVONAT). These graduate jobless young belonging to the 7th group of …

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