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Ebola: Sierra Leone resuming with activities

The Sierra Leonean president, Ernest Bai Koroma, announced on 22nd January, the lifting of the quarantine against Ebola due to the slowdown in the spreading of the epidemic in the country that registers the largest number of cases. « The restrictions on the movement of the populations will be reduced in …

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Africa: united against Ebola

The « Africa United against Ebola » project consists at the same time in making sensitive the populations to take precautions and on the other hand, to appeal to the managers and the political leaders to coordinate the fight allocating more resources that can effectively fight against the spreading of the Ebola …

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Ebola: the second healing registered in Mali

In Mali, a person suffering from the hemorrhagic Ebola fever was declared healed bringing the number of healing cases registered to two up to date in the country, announced on Thursday the government in its daily paper on the evolution of the epidemic. It was about the only case under …

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Ebola: Health workers trained by ECOWAS in Accra

The Economic Community of West African States announces that 150 agents will be trained for the fight against Ebola virus in the three main countries affected by the disease: Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. The regional organization declared in a communiqué that « health workers from six member countries of ECOWAS …

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Mali: Rap Generation beyond art!

The Malian young rappers have their role to play in the society apart from their artistic skills. A training workshop for three days was opened last Thursday in Bamako in which hundreds of these young artists musicians took part under the theme: « Society and rap generation in Mali« . According to …

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Guinea: Mobile phones to fight Ebola

Ebola epidemic tendency increases according to the last figures published by WHO. In front of urgency, all means are good and all the tracks are to be explored to end up with Ebola virus that continues killing people. All over the country in Guinea, logistic equipment among which mobile phones …

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