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Togo: Foufoumix announced on the regional market

Second prize-winner of the prestigious Innovation Prize for Africa (PIA 2014), the Togolese inventor and industrialist, Logou Minsob, shifts into higher gear in the production and the distribution of the Foufoumix machines. The machine to make foufou (a dish very appreciated in West Africa) is henceforth made at assembly-line, what …

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Foufoumix: the invention of Togolese Logou Minsob to easy up houseworks

He is making the happiness of households of west and central Africa. Foufoumix, invention of Togolese electronics engineer Logou Minsob helps obtaining foufou (African dish made from tubers) in 8 minutes. Before the creation of this small machine, tubers (yams, manioc…) were generally pounded by women in painful conditions and …

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«Cocoa ‘na Chocolate» : 19 African artists sing agriculture

The African Union declared 2014, the year of agriculture. Several non-governmental organizations are leading various actions to incite decision-makers to invest in the sector. The NGO « ONE » succeeded in mobilizing about twenty African artists who sang for the cause. « Cocoa ‘ na Chocolate » is the title of the song that …

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