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Nigeria: 300.000 USD against information on kidnapping of school girls

Whoever has key information that would lead to the release of 234 high school girls kidnapped at Chibok (northeast of Nigeria), will get 300.000 USD. This was the amount promised reward by Nigerian police that is doing their best to find these hostages whose kidnapping was claimed by the Islamist …

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Nigeria:President Jonathan’s daughter’s wedding that inflames the web!

This is the news that is making buzz this week on social networks in Africa. Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan has entertained with great ceremony to offer to his daughter Faith Sakwe, a sublime wedding. Fairy’s dress, glittering reception hall, nothing was neglected. The wedding ceremony of Faith and Godswill Osim …

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Now official: Nigeria is the first African economic power.

Africa Top Success announced it. It is now official. Nigeria is the first economic power of Africa. The country of Goodluck Jonathan has just outclassed South Africa after the change calculation of its GDP. The Gross domestic product of Nigeria is estimated at 510 billion dollars against 384 billion for …

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