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Farmers’ National Day 2014: Burkina Faso honors its producers.

The 17th farmers’ national day is luxuriously getting ready by public authorities of Burkina Faso. This event planned from 10th to 12th April 2014 coincides with the year of agriculture decreed by the African Union. For this year, the meeting is placed under the theme: « Win food-processing challenge in order …

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End of the 4th EU-Africa summit: What is the share of Africa?

Placed under the theme « Invest in human resource for prosperity and peace », the fourth summit European Union – Africa came to an end on 3rd April 2014 in Brussels on a note of satisfaction from participants coming from Africa. Since the creation of this event in 2007, Africa has benefited …

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Employment of the Youth: PROVONAT, Togolese solution that works.

Victoire TOMEGAH-DOGBE, Minister of Basic Development, Craft industry, Youth and Employment of the Youth. 750 new national volunteers took oath last Thursday, 3rd April  in Lomé within the context of the program of National Voluntary service Promotion in Togo (PROVONAT). These graduate jobless young belonging to the 7th group of …

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Now official: Nigeria is the first African economic power.

Africa Top Success announced it. It is now official. Nigeria is the first economic power of Africa. The country of Goodluck Jonathan has just outclassed South Africa after the change calculation of its GDP. The Gross domestic product of Nigeria is estimated at 510 billion dollars against 384 billion for …

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Health: traditional medicine in Ivory Coast, a model for the sub-region.

In Ivory Coast traditional practitioners are no more considered as charlatans in several countries of Africa. Since one month, a new pavilion open at the Teaching Hospital of Treichville has accommodated doctors (of conventional medicine) and traditional practitioners who are working in collaboration. This established confidence is the fruit of …

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Samuel Esson Jonah: the Ghanaian laborer that has become a very influential businessman.

At the age of 20 years, Samuel Esson Jonah could not imagine the impressive career path for which he was intended. Laborer in a gold mine in Ghana, he won a scholarship to continue his studies in England. Samuel E. Jonas is one of the most influential businessmen of Africa …

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Françoise Foning: the impressive success of a former office employee.

In Cameroon, Françoise Foning’s success-story (born in 1949) is known of all. From nothing, this former employee of a municipality of Douala (Cameroon) decided to take her fate in hand in creating in 1967 the restaurant « New style », her very first company. She afterward created a transport company with two …

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