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Georges Weah déclare gratuites, toutes les universités publiques du Liberia

Le président George Weah a annoncé mercredi sur sa page officielle Facebook, que les étudiants en premier cycle sont libres de droits de scolarité s’ils souhaitent fréquenter l’une des universités publiques du pays. « Aujourd’hui, je suis heureux d’annoncer que j’ai déclaré l’Université du Liberia et toutes les autres universités publiques libériennes …

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Liberia: 60 millions de dollars en liquide « volatilisés », le mystère demeure !

Au Liberia, l’actualité tourne autour des billets de dollars libérien disparus. Deux cargaisons de billets de dollars libérien imprimés à l’étranger et introduites dans le pays entre novembre 2017 et août 2018, ont été portées disparues. Les autorités gouvernementales ont indiqué l’ouverture d’une enquête pour faire la lumière sur cette …

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Liberia: Overthrow of Ebola

Good news for the Liberians. The World Health Organization (WHO) will officially announce the eradication of the Ebola virus disease in Liberia on 9th May 2015. According to BBC that released the news, this declaration will be only possible if no new case of the virus is detected so far. …

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Ebola: Sierra Leone resuming with activities

The Sierra Leonean president, Ernest Bai Koroma, announced on 22nd January, the lifting of the quarantine against Ebola due to the slowdown in the spreading of the epidemic in the country that registers the largest number of cases. « The restrictions on the movement of the populations will be reduced in …

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Africa: united against Ebola

The « Africa United against Ebola » project consists at the same time in making sensitive the populations to take precautions and on the other hand, to appeal to the managers and the political leaders to coordinate the fight allocating more resources that can effectively fight against the spreading of the Ebola …

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Ebola: a solution by Africa soon

Africa Top Success reported it that the spreading of the Ebola virus disease in certain countries of West Africa (Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone), impacts the State economies and can be source of a new series of famine if nothing is done. The Alliance for Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), …

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Ebola: Health workers trained by ECOWAS in Accra

The Economic Community of West African States announces that 150 agents will be trained for the fight against Ebola virus in the three main countries affected by the disease: Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. The regional organization declared in a communiqué that « health workers from six member countries of ECOWAS …

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Guinea: Mobile phones to fight Ebola

Ebola epidemic tendency increases according to the last figures published by WHO. In front of urgency, all means are good and all the tracks are to be explored to end up with Ebola virus that continues killing people. All over the country in Guinea, logistic equipment among which mobile phones …

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Ebola: the new video of Aïcha Koné

The Ivory Coast artist Aïcha Kone did not want to be outside the international mobilization that is being prepared in order to eradicate the Ebola virus that is spreading panic in West Africa. The one who has been living in Guinea since a few years seems to be well indicated …

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