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Dr Michel Kodom: a doctor who relieves all Africa

He does not satisfy himself with staying in office consulting patients, giving prescriptions and distributing condoms. He is doing more by going to the help of the poorest populations in Africa through his NGO Aimes-Afrique, Doctors International Association for the development of Education and Health in Africa. Bringing the hospital …

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ICTS: Paul Kagamé honored by ITU

The efforts of Rwandan president Paul Kagamé to make of his country, Silicon Valley of Africa are rewarded on international level. The president is co-prize-winner of the Prize 2014 of telecommunications and World Company of information, a distinction awarded by International Telecommunication Union (ITU). Paul Kagam shared his prize with …

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Innovation Prize for Africa 2014: Altis OBM and Foufoumix rewarded

African Foundation Innovation announced yesterday in Abuja (Nigeria), prize-winners of Innovation Prize for Africa 2014. Over 10 projects chosen for the final stage, Altis OBM of South Africans Dr. Nicolaas Duneas and Nuno Peres, fascinated the jury.  The project succeeded in combining marketable quality, originality, evolution capacities, social impact and commercial …

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Foufoumix: the invention of Togolese Logou Minsob to easy up houseworks

He is making the happiness of households of west and central Africa. Foufoumix, invention of Togolese electronics engineer Logou Minsob helps obtaining foufou (African dish made from tubers) in 8 minutes. Before the creation of this small machine, tubers (yams, manioc…) were generally pounded by women in painful conditions and …

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Innovation Prizes for Africa 2014: the 10 finalists listed!

African Foundation Innovation published on Thursday, April 10th, the list of 10 finalists in competition for the prestigious  Innovation Prize for Africa (IPA). The best ten inventions chosen over 700 presented will substantially improve lifestyle of Africans. From cooking including ICTS and medicine, everything is made up to facilitate everyday …

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Fashion and media: Togolese journalists will make show on 3rd May

It belongs to cultural events the most mediatized in Togo. “T of media”, this original concept that consists in making of media professionals, models, evening time, will be at its third edition on 3rd May 2013. Introduced by DBD Com and Parteners, the event is within the framework of press …

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M-Pedigree: the Ghanaian Bright Simons’ application that saves lives.

In Africa, in spite of government actions to stop the phenomenon, marketing and consumption of imitated medicines remains current events. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 100.000 persons die every year in Africa by taking these products which identity and / or origin is deliberately and fraudulently falsified. A …

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Cameroon: two housewives that has become solar engineers!

Francesca Moki and Helen Ntuengue, two less educated Cameroonian women took advantage of solar energy project of RUWDEC to take a training course of 6 months in an Indian school specialized in renewable energies. Since their return, they are profoundly changing the habits of Cameroonian populations deprived of electricity. Both …

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Anne Amuzu: among 10 Tech women founder to be followed.

The Ghanaian Anne Amuzu belongs to the list rare African women who refused to leave information and communication technologies market to men. Graduate of entrepreneurial school of technology Melwather, Anne Amuzu launched in 2010 with her class mates, Nadimobile Company. She developed a platform to facilitate exchanges with customer via …

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