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Africa: people prefer mobile phone to health!

In spite of big projects for rural electrification, drinking water and quality education for all, it remains much to do. According to a study published by Afrobarometer on Wednesday, Africans have a better access to mobile phones than to the basic services such as health, water and education. The investigation …

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Palam: reducing poverty in Chad by literacy

Literacy is the foundation of any education, any training and any later learning. It thus allows the profitable populations to acquire knowledge, competence, attitudes and necessary values to build a livable and viable world. With this assertion, the Chadian State Minister of Education in charge of fundamental education and literacy, …

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National reforms: Rwanda, a model

According to the report of the Country Policy and Institutional Assesment (CPIA) of the World Bank, Rwanda is the African country the most involved in economic reforms during the year 2013. Over a total of 6, Kigali obtained a mark of 3,9. During this period, Rwanda substantially improved its public …

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Niger: P-Square making donations to poor children

A priori, the picture looks like the one of their old song « Story » where both twin brothers, Peter and Paul (Okoye) who form the famous African group, P-Square, were surrounded numerous children. Only that this time, this has nothing to do with a shooting of a video clip. It is …

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