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TIC/JX Paulin: Africa, a giant sleeping

The development of Africa passes by its investment in the new technologies. The French-Togolese businessman, JX Paulin, the promoter of MYSIMAX is conscious of that. He puts his skills acquired in this sector after almost two decades in China at the service of the African continent. His structure offers scholarships …

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Telephony: Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda adopting a common local rate

Good news for the Rwandan, Kenyan and Ugandan consumers. Up from 1st September 2014, the communication between these three countries will be charged in local rate. This was the decision that was just taken during the 6th summit of the « North Corridor Integration« . With the initiative « One-network-aera« , Rwanda, Kenya and …

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National reforms: Rwanda, a model

According to the report of the Country Policy and Institutional Assesment (CPIA) of the World Bank, Rwanda is the African country the most involved in economic reforms during the year 2013. Over a total of 6, Kigali obtained a mark of 3,9. During this period, Rwanda substantially improved its public …

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ICTS: Paul Kagamé honored by ITU

The efforts of Rwandan president Paul Kagamé to make of his country, Silicon Valley of Africa are rewarded on international level. The president is co-prize-winner of the Prize 2014 of telecommunications and World Company of information, a distinction awarded by International Telecommunication Union (ITU). Paul Kagam shared his prize with …

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