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Senegal: Baba Maal is giving his support to local artists.

Senegalese artist Baba Maal travelled last weekend to Fouladou (Senegal) to reaffirm his commitment to promotion of local artists of his country. The vocal leader of « Daande Leñol » group grants a particular attention to singers. « I am convinced of artist’s talent of Fouladou whom I have just seen on stage. …

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Employment of the Youth: PROVONAT, Togolese solution that works.

Victoire TOMEGAH-DOGBE, Minister of Basic Development, Craft industry, Youth and Employment of the Youth. 750 new national volunteers took oath last Thursday, 3rd April  in Lomé within the context of the program of National Voluntary service Promotion in Togo (PROVONAT). These graduate jobless young belonging to the 7th group of …

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Cameroon: two housewives that has become solar engineers!

Francesca Moki and Helen Ntuengue, two less educated Cameroonian women took advantage of solar energy project of RUWDEC to take a training course of 6 months in an Indian school specialized in renewable energies. Since their return, they are profoundly changing the habits of Cameroonian populations deprived of electricity. Both …

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