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Chidinma: The clip of «Oh Baby» Finally available!

Chidinma, the rising star of the Nigerian music has just launched the clip of her single « Oh Baby », a featuring realized with her fellow countryman Flavor. The clip awaited since a few weeks, is announcing the coming summer colors in West Africa. Miss Kedike (as nicknamed by her ardent supporters) …

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Hotel « Noom Abidjan »: the WADB has pumped 6 billion FCFA in the building project

The West African Development Bank (WADB) is actively taking part in the construction project of the 4-star hotel « Noom Abidjan » in Ivory Coast   The institution has just granted six (6) billion FCFA to finance Chain Hotel Abidjan SA company. The agreement was signed last Wednesday, 7th May in Lomé. …

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Infrastructures: Niger on rails.

The president of Niger inaugurated on Monday, 7th April in Niamey, the first railroad station of the country. Awaited 80 years ago, the station of Niamey is the first stage of the vast railroad network Cotonou – Niamey – Ouagadougou – Abidjan (2 728 km). The project, carried out by …

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Health: traditional medicine in Ivory Coast, a model for the sub-region.

In Ivory Coast traditional practitioners are no more considered as charlatans in several countries of Africa. Since one month, a new pavilion open at the Teaching Hospital of Treichville has accommodated doctors (of conventional medicine) and traditional practitioners who are working in collaboration. This established confidence is the fruit of …

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