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National reforms: Rwanda, a model

According to the report of the Country Policy and Institutional Assesment (CPIA) of the World Bank, Rwanda is the African country the most involved in economic reforms during the year 2013. Over a total of 6, Kigali obtained a mark of 3,9. During this period, Rwanda substantially improved its public …

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Business: African actors are sharing experiences in Lomé

About sixty actors of private entrepreneurship in Africa coming from Togo, Nigeria, Ghana and Benin, from various business sectors have been taking part since this Tuesday in Lomé in a regional seminar – workshop of ABR (Round Table of Businessmen of Africa). Organized with the support of African Development Bank …

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World Bank: Creation of 19 African centers of excellence soon.

The World Bank wants to make of adequacy training – employment, a reality in Africa. The institution has just allocated a 150 million dollars envelope for the creation of the African centers of excellence in seven (7) countries of west and central Africa. With African centers of excellence, World Bank …

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Sub-Saharan Africa: meeting with growth in 2014

Sub-Saharan Africa will get 5,2 % growth in 2014. It is what Africa’s Pulse of the World Bank published on 7th April. In 2013, the growth of this region of Africa was estimated at 4,7 %. This jump is due to household consumption, to investment in infrastructures and in natural …

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