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Tamayuz Prize: Moroccan woman honored

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On the occasion of Moroccan Woman National Day, Bassima Hakkaoui (photo), the Minister of Solidarity, woman, family and social Development launched Moroccan Woman « TAMAYUZ Prize« .

This prize honors all initiatives undertaken by people, associations or State institutions in the domain of social development concerning the fair sex.

The objective is to promote and support actions relative to woman question.

Three sectors of activity are particularly targeted.

The first concerns innovation and creation within the framework of sensitization and information about women rights and equality of genres.

The second is concerning development; candidates will have to excel themselves through new feminine business start-up, institution of professional equality, and exploitation of ICTS and scientific research in favor of the promotion of questions of equity.

The third sector concerns social action that takes care of women rights within the framework of associative or institutional initiatives concerning feminine questions.

The kick-off took place on 9th October 2014 in Rabat while the applications will continue until 10th December.


Original text by: Blaise AKAME