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Tigo is making Tanzanians happier: Facebook henceforth in « Kiswahili »

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They are near two million subscribers of mobile phone operator Tigo who, henceforth, take advantage and free of charge in Tanzania, of the social network Facebook on their mobiles, in English and in kiswahili, the local language.

« Our customers can now follow news from about 1,2 billion people in the world, in local language », indicated Diego Gutierrez, the managing director of Tigo, during the launching ceremony of Facebook kiswahili.

A strategic partnership between the social network and Tigo and that works within the framework of project, launched by Mark Zuckerberg to improve access of populations to Internet.

According to Nicola D’ Elia, the manager of international growth and partnerships at Facebook, the launching of Facebook kiswhahili in Tanzania is a gratitude of the country as the birthplace of this language kiswahili.

It will so become the first one of the region to develop it at world level. Specified the latter.

« We are delighted to work with Tigo in order to give to the largest number of people in Tanzania the possibility of sharing and of connecting free of charge to Facebook on mobiles and now in their traditional language », added Mr D’ Elia.


 Original text by: Blaise AKAME

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