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Tigo: one billion dollars gained!

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The news is from Afriquinfos. The international telecom group, Millicom, operating in Latin America and Africa is in good shape, at least in Africa.

The mobile phone operator and its subsidiary Tigo made a profit of 1 billion dollars in Africa at the end of last year.

With a 14.9 % jump regarding the year 2013, Tigo shows a growth also due to the buying back of the operator « Une » of Colombia in August 2014.

This good health of the mobile telephony Tigo is also to be put in the asset of the increasing number of its subscribers. It moves from 24.1 % to 25.3% in Africa towards the end of the last quarter of the year 2014.

Mobile money (Money transfer via mobile phone), one of the products of Tigo, got success with the subscribers on the African continent. The number of users is estimated at 6.1 million.

Tigo is established in Ghana, Senegal, Chad, Rwanda, DR Congo and Tanzania. This establishment is especially due to a well-managed strategy, particularly the services proposed to its subscribers.

As for example, the introduction of the 4G on the Rwandan and Chadian market last year, what allowed it to reach the level of 25 million subscribers. The part of Africa is 1 billion dollars over the turnover of Millicom telecoms.


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