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Togo: Sheyi’s foundation announces «SEA Festival 2015»

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Launched with great fanfare in 2012, the foundation of the international Togolese Sheyi Emmanuel Adebayor has difficulty in taking off. As to catch up, SEA Foundation announces on its official Facebook page the next holding of a giant show called « SEA festival 2015« .

Without specifying the exact date and the venue of the event, the Foundation of the captain of « Les Epervier » of Togo announces the staging of fashionable artists in West Africa such as Wizkid (Nigeria), Bisa Kdei (Ghana) and Serge Beynaud (Ivory Coast). The presse release also announces the presence of the Togolese artists (Almok, Dieudonné Willa…).

On its creation, SEA Foundation made a commitment to work in the domains of education, health, sports and culture. Concrete implementations by the organization are nevertheless rare on the field.

« Within the days to come, we shall communicate the action plan for the next half-year. Stay connected and thank you for all your messages of support« , it is what can be read on the page of the foundation since 19th August 12013.


Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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