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Toofan: ambassadors for Asky Airline Company

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Africa Top Success reported earlier that he Togolese group, Toofan is sailing before the wind. The promoters of the Gweta concept, the dance that has seduced a whole continent, are henceforth ambassadors for the Pan-African airline company, Asky based in Lomé (Togo).

Barabas and Master Just will from now on pose for Asky Airline Company. The Togolese group and the air carrier just signed the agreement making of the « Son of the wind » ambassador for Asky. « TOOFAN / ASKY, a high-level and famous partnership« , declared Toofan on their Facebook page.

Before Asky, the Togolese group was a partner of choice for Togo Telecom, the main telephony operator in Togo. The group is always present at any time charities invite them. May it be for the fight against AIDS or Bacterial diseases, Toofan participated in all fights.

The year 2014 is particularly successful for the Togolese Toofan group. Nominated at the BET AWARDS 2014 (won by Davido), the group was also honored during MTV Music Africa Awards 2014.

Original text by: Roger ADZAFO

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